Strathberry collaborates with the fashion designer XU ZHI for his Spring/Summer 2020 show at New York Fashion Week.

XU ZHI's collection evolved from the influence of the Greek myth of Narcissus and the deep emotion connected to adolescent relationships. The runway show was a love letter dedicated to a youthful past and memories associated with summer, warm haziness and lustful sensuality. The design of our bags was developed in collaboration with the designer to signify the upcoming seasonal mood of SS20. Think: pastel green hues, lemon yellows, nocturnal blues, and watermelon reds.

When it comes to your Strathberry bag for SS20, think micro with a boho edge. The elegant lengthened tassels add charm and desirability to these miniature bags and the candy-coloured palette makes a joyful addition to any outfit. Small bag, big impact.

5 reasons to make one of these micro bags your essential accessory

1. They’re playful and make a statement

2. A modern and timeless piece, capturing the zeitgeist of now

3. The bag has a flirty feel that will elevate the femininity of any look

4. These bags are all you need to micro-manage yourself

5. The best things come in small packages

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